Who We Are.





Like you, we are professionals who travel for business and, like you, we enjoy mixing a little business with pleasure. We’ve found there are two types of business travel. Either a quick trip with no time to research the destination, or where the time researching gets you lost in the myriad of review options.

Our goal is to make it easy and focus on the important things when you travel for work; the best coffee, cocktail, restaurant, and place to stay (we prioritize those steam rooms). We’ll also give shoutouts to other spots recommended by B&P travelers. If you see a venue that both your friend and B&P recommends, go.  We very much view B&P to be the ultimate tie-breaker when looking where to go or stay. 

People make a place. With each city we review we will also interview the folks who are influencing their city. We interview chefs, artists, CEOs and other change-makers who help give us a better understanding of the local economy and, occasionally, share life lessons that they’ve learned along their way. 




The Brand.


Logos are tough. We went through several iterations before landing on something elegant and unique. Our idea was to create a brand that embodies elements of travel, business, and exploration. 

The mark is comprised of a wine glass, a plane entering from the top, and the curvature of the globe.




Below are some of the logos that helped guide us to our final mark.