Why Your Next Offsite Should Be At The Greenbrier

Business and Pleasure, Greenbrier

 The Greenbrier Hotel & Resort
business and pleasure, greenbrier

The Greenbrier Hotel, built in 1778 and nestled in the Allegheny Mountains in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, is known for world class golfing, original Dorthy Draper stylings, a secret bunker and unparalleled service. The Greenbrier has been going through its own renaissance, attracting a PGA Tour and an NFL training camp. The Business and Pleasure team visited for a remote work trip and found that this hotel is the perfect location for a management offsite or a hybrid working vacation. 







After a long run around the grounds of The Greenbrier, robe up and plug in to tackle some morning emails. No wifi password needed while your're on the property.

business and pleasure



Shower, grab your favorite newspaper, and head down to the main dining room. The breakfast buffet is pricier than most ($35) but, also not like most. It's a classic spread with options from sweet to savory. Take your time and have a second cup of coffee. 





Swing by afternoon tea at 4 PM for hot or iced tea and small finger foods. A perfect time to check back in with your team and get caught up. The Greenbrier has numerous workspaces that serve as ideal places to take your laptop out or have a quick phone call.

Late Snack




If you want fancy, you can get it at Infusion or Prime 44, but if you are in the mood for something a little more low key, head to Drapers and order the following:

Fried green tomato sandwich, sweat potato fries, and an ice tea.

Finish it off with a cappuccino truffle from the chocolate store. 




Swim & Steam


The Mineral Spa at The Greenbrier has a full steam room pumped with refreshing eucalyptus, a sauna, and cold showers/towels.

Before you have a treatment you can lounge in the sitting room and read the latest newspapers/magazines. Bonus for hot teas and a mini fridge with an assortment of juices

However, if you visit the spa you must try the scotch and spray treatment. With the oldest form of massage-- high pressured water-- this machine(picture 3) is serious and will leave every pore, nook, cranny, and crevasse, sparkling clean.





Go to The Lobby Bar and order a classic or something simple. For me, slightly dirty gin martini.

business and pleasure

On-site Activities 

The Greenbrier also offers some unique activities, from off roading to falconry. And if you are feeling lucky, there is a casino on the lower level. 

Looking to book a remote working trip or management offsite? Reach out to Greg Furlong (greg_furlong@greenbrier.com) and he will set your team up with a great rate.